Our Approach

  •   " Through our work, we strive to combine people, disciplines, skills and practices in a unified grid of interacting entities commited to delivering the optimum result "    
  • "Our initial motivation is the research, observation and comprehension of engineering processes, thus gaining practical experience on the issues under consideration. "
  • " Our analyses and extensive numerical simulations are corroborated, when necessary, by small or large-scale  experimental investigations performed in top international facilities."
  • "Integration of modern Information and Communication Technologies enables us to produce efficient decision-support systems and methods to enhance a project’s operational and financial performance."

What makes us special


In Depth Research

We use all means of available expertise such as UAV surveying and sensing instruments to identify the causes of a problem; but we also seek for all available knowledge to tackle it as efficiently as possible.



Analysis and Simulation

Our group members possess strong numerical and analytical skills and a deep theoretical knowledge of the processes governing infrastructure engineering procedures enabling us to conduct robust analyses based on reliable modeling.



Experimental Validation

In cooperation with top-ranked international Research Institutions, we are able to design and execute sophisticated experiments to validate the behavior of soil-structure interacting systems.

Embracing New Technologies

New technologies offer an invaluable means for surveying, monitoring and processing data. By integrating them into smart decision support systems, we may decisively address modern civil engineering challenges.



Financial Sustainability

Credibility of returns is often the premier ambiguity for infrastructure investors. Coupling technical soundness with monitoring of critical KPI’s allows early interventions and minimization of loss and business disruption.

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