About us

The Challenge

Today’s continent, the modern society, is more than ever before dependent upon our civil Infrastructure. It is there to bring people and goods together, network society, produce and distribute power, protect people and businesses, link civilizations; it is there to allow the “continent” to exist.

Infrastructure elements are by nature man-made organisms; as such they are vulnerable to threats and, in case threats materialize, the loss (direct, cascading and indirect) could be tremendous. Delivering resilient infrastructure is undoubtedly the mandate for involved stakeholders. At GRID Engineers, we work together with our clients, complemented by an interdisciplinary team of practitioners and academics of versatile backgrounds to augment infrastructure resilience.
Our state-of-the-art solutions ensure:

  • Damage Minimization and Rapid Rebounding following extreme events and natural hazards
  • Containment of Operability deterioration due to ageing
  • Safeguarding of investors’ revenues against unexpected events or performance deterioration

The Vision

It is widely understood that application of conventional design principles cannot guarantee sustainable infrastructure performance throughout its lifecycle. Deterioration is imminent at some point due to unavoidable parameters, be they inherent (e.g. aging, material deficiencies), internal (e.g. installation of new equipment, change of use) or external (e.g. networks, access, nearby structures, earthquake events).Our vision at Grid-Engineers is to provide our clients with resilience-oriented solutions that assist them accommodate the effects of such unavoidable parameters. In this context, we tend to metaphorically think of resilience-based solutions as “pacemakers”, virtually built-in the infrastructure’s “organism” to safeguard the desirable technical, operational and financial performance throughout its lifetime.Our vision is supported by our excitements to connect the latest academic research findings with crucial industry requirements by offering our clients advanced design solutions, modern material applications, and decision-support systems based on efficient financial engineering and smart monitoring of all critical parameters. To this end, we work with all actors responsible for the design, construction, financing and operations of infrastructure including owners, contractors, consultants & designers, network operators, infrastructure investors, insurers and reinsurers.

Combining a grid of people, disciplines, skills and practices

The Team

To be able to deliver high-end services in this exciting domain, we strive to bring under one roof experts in state-of-the-art engineering (including analysis and experimental validation), new technologies for efficient monitoring and data collection, risk analysis and financial assessment. Our international network of highly experienced and deeply respected academic collaborators enables us to connects us with world-class field leaders whenever confronting challenging applications.

Initially a spin-off by researchers from NTUA’s laboratory of Soil-Structure –Systems, Grid Engineers is currently operating as a creative group of experts in several fields joining forces in order to produce out-of-the-box engineering solutions. Having shaped a unique modus operandi during the last decade, our team members are proud for having been able to smoothen the interface between engineering disciplines and form a flexible group of experts in diverse backgrounds. This gives us the ability to efficiently deliver solutions in otherwise resource-demanding projects requiring multi-disciplinary collaboration between academia and practice.



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What makes us special


In Depth Research

We use all means of available expertise such as UAV surveying and sensing instruments to identify the causes of a problem; but we also seek for all available knowledge to tackle it as efficiently as possible.



Analysis and Simulation

Our group members possess strong numerical and analytical skills and a deep theoretical knowledge of the processes governing infrastructure engineering procedures enabling us to conduct robust analyses based on reliable modeling.



Experimental Validation

In cooperation with top-ranked international Research Institutions, we are able to design and execute sophisticated experiments to validate the behavior of soil-structure interacting systems.

Embracing New Technologies

New technologies offer an invaluable means for surveying, monitoring and processing data. By integrating them into smart decision support systems, we may decisively address modern civil engineering challenges.



Financial Sustainability

Credibility of returns is often the premier ambiguity for infrastructure investors. Coupling technical soundness with monitoring of critical KPI’s allows early interventions and minimization of loss and business disruption.