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At GRID Engineers, we work together with our clients to achieve resilient infrastructure design and operation. In this process we are compemented by an interdisciplinary team of practitioners and  academics to combine state-of-the-art knowledge with new technological tools.


Our solutions aim to ensure:

Damage Minimization

Damage Minimization and Rapid Rebounding following extreme events  and natural hazards

Operation Continuity

Containment of Operability deterioration due to ageing                                                                                         

Safeguarding of Revenues

Safeguarding of investors’ revenues against unexpected events or performance deterioration

Featured Insight

Power Production Facilities: Is it the time for a “Metathesis” of our design philosophy?

Power production facilities are all but immortal. Oil & gas extraction rigs have a life span of 20-30 years while wind turbines are designed to work 120,000 hours –a lifespan of only 20 years. Unlike most of our civil infrastructure (whose lifespan exceeds 50-100 years or even more at a quite reasonable cost and where effects of failure are usually contained), construction of power-related infrastructure requires abundant resources …

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Leveraging technology to make better decisions



Our Latest Insights

Our research is inspired by our projects. We are commited to producing reports disseminating our findings and sharing our views in order to provide better infrastructure design and serve our community. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we are regularly participating in educational activities in schools and universities in our effort to inspire the professionals of the future and be inspired by their own views.

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